A way to improve glucose meter error grids using Taguchi principles

KEWB2So I was reading an article about glucose meter performance and I came across the MARD (mean absolute relative difference) statistic. I have seen this before – it is used for glucose meters and almost nowhere else. What bothered me was that the paper used MARD as a summary statement about the performance for different meters – the problem is MARD has so many problems I wrote a paper critiquing MARD and submitted it. As soon as I clicked the submit button, I realized I had left out an important element; namely why were people using MARD?

In any case, I got mixed reviews about my paper and the editor said I could try to submit a revision. But the more I thought about it, I realized that my paper was not that good. I was going to drop it when it occurred to me, rather than complain about MARD, I might be able to come up with a better statistic. After all, people use MARD because they want to differentiate meters that appear to have similar performance when analyzed with error grids.

So I wrote a new paper which provides an alternative to MARD. It has been accepted and will appear shortly.


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