How to insult clinicians


In my blog post Total Error and Milan, I mentioned how clinician surveys were in the draft consensus statement but dropped from the final and published consensus statement. (The draft consensus statement is no longer available on the EFLM site).

I had occasion to read a paper from the Milan conference (1) where it is clear why clinician surveys were dropped.

“RCVs from vignettes should probably not be used on their own as a basis for setting analytical performance specifications, since clinicians seem “uninformed” regarding important principles.”

RCV = reference change values.

For an example of how clinician surveys were used to set analytical performance specifications, see reference 2.


  1. Thue G and Sandberg S: Analytical performance specifications based on how clinicians use laboratory tests Clin Chem Lab Med 2015; 53(6): 857–862.
  2. Klonoff DC, Lias C, Vigersky R, et al The surveillance error grid. J Diabetes Sci Technol. 2014;8:658-672.

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