Comments about IQCP (Indvidualized Quality Control Plan)

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I had occasion recently to look at IQCP – here are some comments

It seems that if a lab performs IQCP, they can change their QC frequency (read reduce) from the CLIA minimum of twice per day. The lab can’t reduce it more than the manufacturer’s recommended frequency.

This is interesting as it seems that manufacturers will now have the ability to set QC frequency!

Say, the QC frequency turns out to be once a month (which was the case allowed for EQC).

To me, this makes no sense – IQCP or not – since this could mean that a month’s worth of patient samples are incorrect. How can this be good. Moreover, I remember talking to lab directors and asking them, does QC ever go out and the answer was yes, it does.

IQCP requires performing risk management. This should be performed anyway! The notion that performing risk management – which is not that easy to be done well – will somehow obviate the need to check performance by running QC is delusional and not in the best interests of clinicians and patients.


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