Total Error and Milan 3


Having mentioned in my first blog entry “Total Error and Milan”, the fact that clinician surveys were dropped as a means of constructing performance specifications, I looked at the published paper on this topic. Many of the citations are from the 80s – there’s nothing wrong with that but I was surprised to see that a recent paper on glucose meter performance specifications, which is here and available before the Milan conference was not cited. In this glucose paper, 206 clinicians were surveyed using 4 scenarios and the range of glucose levels that would correspond to one of 5 types of actions: (A) emergency treatment for low BG; (B) take oral glucose; (C) no action needed; (D) take insulin; and (E) emergency treatment for high BG.

Maybe if the Milan conference were aware of this work, they would have added clinician surveys as a primary means to establish performance specifications.


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