Clinicians and measurement uncertainty

Young, smiling female doctor in a white coat.

I was reading a paper, which started out by saying that measurement uncertainty estimates are used by clinicians to help them to interpret results. Now this type of general introductory statement is common in papers that then go off onto the meat of the paper, which in this case didn’t have anything to do with clinicians.

In any case, I have never seen a lab report that provides measurement uncertainty estimates and I believe that clinicians pretty much believe lab results as is and would not use measurement uncertainty estimates, were they provided. Does anyone know of clinicians who use measurement uncertainty estimates?


One Response to Clinicians and measurement uncertainty

  1. No, I never watched!!! Clinicians never show interest about measurement uncertainty or other evaluation data. They consider the reported result as the one with a non significant error (=in vitro result very close to the in vivo result), i.e., a result which don’t affects the clinical decision.

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