AACC 2013 and outliers


This year I split my time between AACC and AirVenture (airplane show – picture shows a pint sized jet) as the two events overlap.  At AACC, I enjoyed meeting people I hadn’t seen for a while. At the Evaluation Protocols meeting, it seemed as if there were no young people – just different older people. During the meeting someone brought up the need for a document about outliers. No one seemed to know about the fairly recent (2001) attempt to produce such a document (EP20). For reasons that readers may understand, my participation at CLSI meetings is limited to listening. The reason EP20 went nowhere is that when you start talking about outliers; you will ultimately arrive at the topic of what are the clinical performance limits that demarcate an outlier from a garden variety error. There is no way that CLSI wants to produce such a list for assays even though it would be useful and even though they sort of have one for glucose meters – hence no EP20 document.


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