AACC 2012

I went early to AACC 2012 on a consulting assignment which ended two days before AACC. So the highlight of my trip was a helicopter tour of LA in an R22, a tour of Warner Bros. studios, and a walk on the Santa Monica pier.

At the meeting, I got to hear two plenary lectures, both on genomics. They were very interesting talks (Eric Green and Robert Roberts) and it was humbling to realize how little I know about genomics.

I also attended the Evaluations Protocol Area Committee, although I think it is now called a consensus committee. There were two projects that I had started EP27 (error grids) and the revision to EP21A2 (total error) – I proposed and completed EP21A. As of January, I had been unexpectedly and rather unceremoniously kicked off both projects. There was little discussion about EP27 – it should be available around September 2012 and little changed. It will be interesting to see who the authors will be.

There was more discussion about EP21, including a proposal to drop it completely in favor of a GUM uncertainty analysis, which is a CLSI document (C51). This is about when I had enough and bolted from the meeting. Yet, I did have the comfort in knowing that the financial way projects are valued is something I put in place a while back and probably unknown to this current group. 

I went to a talk about medical error. One thing that is always missing from these talks is a measure of overall patient harm – maybe the subject of a future blog entry.

I also talked with a very nice Spanish lady about her poster. She assayed a sample on each of two analyzers of the same type and compared the results to various total error goals including biological variation, CLIA, and others. The results were often outside of goals, especially biological variation goals which makes one wonder if such goals are meaningful.


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