On becoming detached

Regarding my last blog entry about getting an article published after three tries, one of the journal rejections did make an impression on me. I often get an article accepted after an initial rejection followed by a rebuttal to the reviewers and resubmission. Sometimes, the article doesn’t make it and I can accept that. However, for one of the journals this time was different. My rebuttal, however logical, engendered a response that was something like – sorry pal, fuggedaboutit.

My reaction is to start to detach. The last time this happened was when I worked in industry. Through acquisitions and management changes, I (and others) fell out of favor and all that that implies. I became more detached – when I saw problems I acted like the advice in “The Godfather” – mention it, don’t insist. Previously, I would have been more engaged and insisted. There are many dangers of detachment and one of the simple solutions is to leave, which is what I did.


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