What it takes to put together a flying video

First, of course, is a flight in a plane. Recently, I flew for about 40 minutes practicing take-offs and landings. I used two cameras (one looking out the front and one trained on the instrument panel) and one audio recorder to capture talking to the tower. These are the next steps.

  1. Download the videos from the cameras – I use iMovie 09 on a MacBook. This took a little under two hours.
  2. I then piece together the video portions. The instrument panel video is an inset on the view out the front video so the two have to be synced correctly. This is the creative part and can also be time consuming, especially matching things up.
  3. Transfer the audio to a PC.
  4. The audio is on a PC because I have to chop up the audio to match the video pieces. Audio is a Windows media file and I use the Windows media file editor. I then use WinFF to convert the smaller files to .wav files, or they won’t be compatible with iMovie 09.
  5. I then sync the audio to the video. Although the tower can’t be heard on the videos, my talking can be faintly heard, which helps with the syncing.
  6. After the movie is made, I have to clean up the 16 GBytes on my MacBook or else I would run out of disk space. Most of this space is taken up by the two video files. Many of the flights are longer than 40 minutes and the raw video files can be 30 GBytes. I transfer these files to a PC. This is over a wireless network and takes several hours.
  7. I can’t directly offload the files to my external drive cause it is formatted FAT32 (4 GByte file size limit). So I have another program to split these files into smaller pieces.

So the total processing time is much longer than the flight. Here is the video.


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