EPCA-2 update number 5

I attended a lecture by Dr. Daniel Chan, a coauthor of the first paper (1) on EPCA-2. The title of Dr. Chan’s lecture was “Translation of Proteomics Biomarkers into Clinical Practice for Ovarian and Prostate Cancer.” Guess what – not a peep about EPCA-2 during this talk. I spoke to Dr. Chan before the talk. It seems as if Dr. Chan is distancing himself from Getzenberg. I didn’t ask Dr. Chan any hard questions (such as is all this totally bogus) and the only thing that Dr. Chan offered was that there were likely problems with the EPCA-2 assay. But this is not news as it was already reported by Dr. Diamandis. So not much to report.


  1. Leman ES, Cannon GW, Trock BJ, Sokoll LJ, Chan DW, Mangold L, Partin AW, Getzenberg RH. EPCA-2: a highly specific serum marker for prostate cancer. Urology  2007;69:714-20.

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