The trifecta in flying media for instruction

January 25, 2010

I wish I had the following while taking flying lessons. I’m putting together this now.

1)      Video of the flight. I’ve followed this advice. Here’s an example from one of my flights.

2)      Audio of ATC (Air Traffic Control) and other comments (such as from the instructor). The advice video above shows how to do this. My video doesn’t have this audio since I haven’t yet received everything I’ve ordered.

3)      A Google Earth record of the flight. One has to have GPS software that can save an XML file of the trip. The screen shot above is an example of what it looks like. This is pattern work at Norwood (KOWD). With Google Earth, one can replay the trip – the first pattern was a little sloppy.

Six Sigma can be dangerous to your health

January 19, 2010

Last January, this article was published. The citation is: Krouwer JS. Six Sigma can be dangerous to your health. Accred Qual Assur 2009;14:49-52.

Improving the quality of glucose standards

January 3, 2010

Improving glucose standards won’t improve the quality of glucose meters and patient care – at least not directly. However, the biggest problem with current glucose standards is that one can’t tell the state of quality in sufficient detail by evaluating glucose meters against current standards such as ISO 15197.

Having blogged about this for a long time, I’ve now joined forces with an endocrinologist who is well known in the diabetes field David Klonoff , who invited me to write a review of glucose standards and statistics. This has now been published (1). A Letter to the editor is also in press (2).


  1. Jan S. Krouwer and George S. Cembrowski A review of standards and statistics used to describe blood glucose monitor performance. Journal of Diabetes Science and Technology, 2010;4:75-83.
  2. Jan S. Krouwer: Wrong thinking about glucose standards. Clin Chem, online version at: