It’s time to improve assay specifications

Some of my critiques go back almost 20 years.

These standards have one or more of the following problems:

  • Limits are given for only 95% of the data, so 5% of the data are unspecified
  • The wrong model is used (often total error = bias ± 1.96 X imprecision)
  • Outliers are discarded
  • User error is excluded

The ideal specification should have:

  • Limits for 100% of the data, as exemplified by an error grid
  • A protocol for collecting method comparison data. The protocol should not exclude user error
  • An analysis method, whereby no data is thrown out. The analysis could be as simple as tallying the percentage of data in each error grid zone
  • FMEA and fault tree analysis to evaluate the risk of rare errors


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  4. See:

Appendix – Disagreeing with so many experts

Each of the standard organizations comprises a group of experts and four groups equals a lot of experts! I know people in these groups and respect their expertise. These experts are much more knowledgeable than I am in the clinical chemistry of each analyte. However, another domain of interest is how to specify and measure the quality of these assays. I suspect that these groups are underrepresented in this area.


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