Bernie Madoff of Clinical Chemistry?


There is/was? a promising marker for prostate cancer called EPCA-2 (1). The person who discovered the test is now being sued by the company that licensed the marker (2). According to the lawsuit:

“Notwithstanding the spectacular (and false) results proclaimed by defendants, the Getzenberg assay was no more accurate in distinguishing cancerous tissue from normal tissue than flipping a coin,”

Among the coauthors in reference 1 are well known clinical chemists. They may have a lot of explaining to do.

Another well known clinical chemist questioned the validity of the results (3). He may be looking pretty good when all of this gets straightened out.

We shall see.


  1. Leman ES, Cannon GW, Trock BJ, Sokoll LJ, Chan DW, Mangold Ln Partin AW, Getzenberg RH. EPCA-2: a highly specific serum marker for prostate cancer. Urology. 2007;69:714-20.
  3. Point:EPCA-2: A promising new serum biomarker for prostatic carcinoma? Diamandis EP. Clinical Biochemistry 2007;40:1437-1439.

One Response to Bernie Madoff of Clinical Chemistry?

  1. […] EPCA-2 Update Go here for a Letter by Dr. Diamandis and the response by Dr. Getzenberg regarding the prostate cancer marker EPCA-2. […]

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