CLSI and conflict of interest


CLSI (Clinical And Laboratory and Standards Institute) formerly NCCLS, develops consensus based standards in laboratory medicine.

I have previously commented on a standard that CLSI cancelled (EP11 – Uniformity of Claims) even though it had passed the consensus process.

As head of the working group on revising EP21 (Total Error), I receive all of the consensus comments. One of them, accompanied by a reject vote is troubling and comes from the chairholder of the Area Committee on Evaluation Protocols.

The chairholder seems to be unfamiliar with EP21 since he treats it as if it were a new document. It has been out for six years with the current draft a minor revision. One would have hoped that the chairholder would be more familiar with documents he is supposed to manage (e.g. EP21). Moreover, to comment largely about the existing document after the working group has completed its revision is poor management.

The chairholder’s comments made me question how someone with such little knowledge about these topics could be the area committee chair. EP21 is an extremely simple standard. All one does is plot differences between a candidate and comparative method. There is no mathematical modeling like more involved total error methods. Yet the comment was that this standard is too complicated. So perhaps this is a tactic –  if something is simple, call it complicated. Other comments followed this pattern.

But the real problem is the chairholder’s complaint that EP21 is a departure from Westgard’s method for estimating total error. As a standard, EP21 relies on peer reviewed literature. Apparently, the area committee chair is unfamiliar with this literature (1-8) but the concern is that the commentator’s company has a financial relationship with Westgard’s company. This conflict of interest should not be allowed to occur at CLSI.


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