Jan gets an award

I recently spoke at the Quality in the Spotlight conference in Antwerp, Belgium and gratefully acknowledge being awarded the Westgard Quality Award. This award was presented by Jim Westgard himself. The Quality in the Spotlight conference is a two day conference in Antwerp, devoted each year to a quality theme. This year’s theme was quality tools. I spoke about FMEA on each of the two days. It wasn’t until the second day of the conference that I realized that some of the other presentations were bothering me – perhaps I had a case of brain jetlag. This is an interactive conference so had I been quicker I would have presented my concerns to the speakers. But this did not happen so my concerns are in the previous entry to this blog. Prof. Dr. Jean-Claude Libeer, who founded the conference and also spoke about me with respect to the award, said that it was my blog which impressed people. So perhaps my previous entry could be taken as an acceptance speech.

On the second day, per instructions, I attempted to do a “workshop”. This is in quotes because I had to involve the audience but was only given one hour. Had I to do this again, I would have given an award to one lady, who answered some of the questions I posed to the audience. One example – name a case of at risk behavior that you have experienced. Answer, a technician, who had trouble getting a barcode on a patient sample to register, scanned the barcode from another patient. So perhaps this is also an illustration of the need to perform a FMEA on a control measure (what can go wrong with implementing barcodes).

Another highlight of my trip was spending three days in Amsterdam and hearing that in spite of frequent mistakes, my Dutch is begrijpelijk (understandable).


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